Create a Local Womens Cycling Community


You want to get more women cycling and racing in your local area but you don’t know many women who cycle or might want to cycle.


Set up a women’s cycling facebook group for your local area (see some examples below) and invite all the women cyclists you know in your local area and ask them to spread the word to people they know. If you make it a group that other people can see then slowly you’ll get more people joining as they see people they know adding, liking and commenting on posts in the group. Try to build a friendly, approachable, helpful atmosphere in the group and share news, events and articles about women’s cycling, in general and specific to your local area. Encourage newbies to ask questions and encourage the more experienced group members to answer them. Initially you may have to do most of the posting but eventually the community will look after itself.

You could also extend this to a twitter account too.



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