FB Groups

Want to get connected with other women cyclists on facebook? Here are some groups to get you started.

Womens Cycle Forum


Racing Chance Womens Racing Forum

Womens Cycling Manchester

Manchester Womens Cycling TT Group

Womens Cycling Midlands

Womens Cycling Sheffield

Womens Cycling Ulster

There are lots more more once you’ve joined one or more of these facebook will start to suggest some for you and/or you can see the groups other women cyclists are in.

Hope this helps to get you started. Get in touch if you discover a group that’s not on this list yet but you think it should be added.


  • The Good List – Find women-friendly clubs
  • Campaigners – Follow women who are campaigning for cyclists
  • Shop – Find sites that sell women’s cycling clothing etc
  • Media – Find news & articles about women’s cycling