The Good List

A list of women friendly clubs i.e. clubs that:

  • have a mix of men and women
  • and/or have a committee putting effort into growing their number of women members
  • or are a women only club.

Mixed clubs on the list have either been recommended to me by women or the clubs have got in touch with me to discuss attracting more women members.

Note: If a club’s not on the list yet it may be because I’ve not heard from anyone about that club yet, not necessarily because it’s not making an effort to be welcoming to women. I did think about creating a “bad list” but I want to focus on the positives rather than the negatives. Also, there’s a heavy focus on the North of England at the moment but that’s just because I’ve had some great feedback from the Women’s Cycling Manchester facebook group.

At the moment, the top women mixed clubs are Racing Chance, Ilkley Cycling Club, & Otley Cycle Club 

If your club’s not on the list but you think it should be then tell us about your club here or if you don’t know the stats just get in touch.

Isle of Man:




  • Edinburgh RC | 600 members, 25% female & club president is female
  • Moray Firth Cycling Club – organises a women’s road race too 🙂
  • Stirling BC – equal prize money and several women on their committee including an MTB rep and track rep! 🙂

Women Only

England – North:


Women Only

England – Midlands:

Women Only

England – South:


Women Only



  • Cardiff Ajax 
  • Velo Club Melyd | 25% female | Run a women only coaching session every Monday 7pm @ Marsh Tracks Rhyl, a Thursday beginners ride, & a Saturday women’s club ride as well as promoting several women’s road races


Last Updated: 15th Jan 2016

Want to increase the % of women in your club? Here are some things that other clubs have tried that are working. Clubs that have found these suggestions useful have provided feedback here.


  • FB Groups – Connect with other women cyclists on facebook
  • Campaigners – Follow women who are campaigning for cyclists
  • Shop – Find sites that sell women’s cycling clothing etc
  • Media – Find news & articles about women’s cycling

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