What is Bike 50:50?

The big organisations responsible for developing cycling are making great progress and change is happening. Many of us want to see change happen faster and there are lots of things that the average person (who is passionate about women’s cycling) can do to help speed up change.

That’s what this site is all about. What actions can each of us take to do our bit to speed up the process of getting to a point where women make up around 50% of cyclists and racers? Some suggestions have been added to the site but we want more.

If you’re passionate about women’s cycling then please get involved.

Share the problems you / women you know / race organisers are facing. Share suggestions for solving them. Add to suggestions already made. Volunteer to help out people who are already trying to make a change but could do with some help. Take successes that someone’s achieved in their local area and replicate it in yours. It could be something like setting up a women’s cycling facebook group for your local area, sharing what’s worked in your club for attracting more women, helping your local women’s cycling association or something else. There are so many small things we can do that together would make a big difference.

Cycling, just like all sports, runs because of kind volunteers. We’re extremely grateful for all that everyone is already doing. There’s only so much anyone can do though and we recognise that. It’s easier to criticise than to roll up your sleeves and help. We want to help them and add to their efforts to speed up progress. The big organisations have money but they also have red tape which slows things down. The smaller organisations have the passion and agility but their resources are stretched. If we work together with them, we can make a bigger impact.

We’re already making an impact. Through discussions with cycling clubs we’ve shared what’s worked in our own clubs and they’re already putting in changes such as creating new roles on their committee so that women join in with the running of the club and with getting more women to join. Don’t just take my word for it – read what the clubs have said.

Many hands make light work and all that…let’s harness the power of the collective and drive change from the ground up.

Join us.

PS. A longer and swearier version of this is available here